feeling great

March 12, 2010 at 9:34 pm (Second Trimester) (, )

Today I experienced something that I haven’t really felt for ages: I felt great! I had tons of energy, positive vibes and felt a sense of joy in just being…. It was strange that the feeling of happiness was actually so tangible. Of course, I’ve had bursts of joy on a few occasions recently, like when we found out we were pregnant again, when we got to see the heartbeat during the ultrasound, and of course that momentous moment when we actually got to hear baby’s heartbeat. But the thing is – all of those joyful moments were just that: moments. Today the feeling of happiness ran tangibly throughout my entire day.

The morning started off well as I stopped at our little cafeteria and found that the Friday special breakfast was a belgian waffle with whipped cream and fruit compote with a side of bacon. Now, yes, I do like waffles, but I would not say it’s my favorite breakfast item, but for some reason, it just tickled my fancy today. I was thrilled to have it for breakfast. One of the guys in line even commented at how good of a mood I seemed to be in. Then all day at the office, I just felt like I was beaming. I was wearing one of my new maternity shirts, a cute plaid top, and you can actually tell that I have a bit of a baby bump because of the lines.  A few people commented on how cute it was that I was starting to show. In the bathroom, I took an extra minute in front of the mirror to smooth my hand over the curve of my tummy to say hello to baby. When I sent an email to M telling him how oddly happy I was today, he responded by saying that baby must be having a party because it knows how beautiful mommy is. For lunch, I had Greek food, and the soup was absolutely delicious – some of the best tasting Avgolemono ever! Just the right amount of lemony tang. I didn’t have my usual afternoon energy crash, and happily snacked on some crackers, cheese and strawberries to get me through to dinnertime. Food tasted great today.

Is this what the second trimester is really going to be like? Because I could really get used to this…



  1. IBH said,

    I’m so excited for you! You must be literally glowing! I so look forward to the day when i become pregnant again and get past the scary first trimester…Continue the happy vibes. 🙂

  2. Lisa said,

    I recently had a miscarriage at about 8 weeks. I am slowly feeling a better everyday. I came across your blog and realise that there is a lot of hope. I am so happy for you and cant wait until I am pregnant again and pass the first timester. Good luck with everything x

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