the incredible shrinking bellybutton

June 3, 2010 at 7:27 pm (Pregnant body, Third Trimester) (, )

It’s getting closer…

I always liked my “innie” belly button. When I was in high school and university, I often used to wear midriff bearing tops to show it off. During the summer, I would wear tube tops. I got a piercing back when I was 19, and used to dangle various jewels off of it. Now that I’m older, I still kept the piercing, but stuck with a basic bead instead of the flashier adornments of my younger days. My innie now looks like an upside down T and it is getting noticeably more shallow with each passing week. When I felt it last night, the skin was very very soft, which tells me that it’s that skin that has always been turned inwards and has been protected for all these years!

I’ve been reading for weeks that my belly button could pop at any time, and to be honest, I really don’t want it to! I don’t like how “outies” look… I have kept my piercing in so far, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep it in. I’ve read about flexible plastic “pregnancy piercings”, but I’m not sure if I want to go that route. Apparently, they’re quite ugly. I’m even wondering if I want to put my piercing back in after I give birth or not. It’s not like I show it off anymore! I guess in a way, it will be like saying goodbye to an era… I don’t think I’ve made my final decision yet.

I am hoping that if my belly button must pop, that it at least waits until we get back from our trip. Yes, we are taking a babymoon! We are going to go to Hawaii for a week for some rest and relaxation. We had originally planned on staying close to home this year and not doing any travelling, but on the advice of many of our friends and colleagues who now have children, we decided that we would take one last trip for just the two of us. It will be the last chance for us to get away from it all and just enjoy being together. It will be a bit strange, since this will be our first time on vacation where I don’t get to enjoy a few margaritas on the beach, or a glass of wine with dinner, but on the other hand – baby will be a jet setter even before it’s born!

I’ve decided that I just can’t do the maternity swimsuit thing and will be braving the beach in a bikini. I found a style that had lower cut bottoms that I can tuck under my belly, and has a thicker band up top that still supports the ladies. M and I had quite the laugh a couple of weeks ago when I tried on one of my old bikinis. It was the usual string triangle top kind, and I honestly looked like a porn star. I’ve gained two cup sizes since before I was pregnant and am now a 34DD, so that string just wasn’t going to cut it! It sort of sat on top of my boob instead of underneath it, and I knew as soon as I took a step, I would pop right out of it. This new style is still cute and fun, but it’s going to give me the support and coverage that I need.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that my innie stays an innie for just a few more weeks.


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  1. Linda said,

    I have an innie and had 3 successful pregnancies, my belly button never popped to a full outie. It always looked like it might but didn’t. It only went as far as you are describing yours right now. Maybe you will get that lucky too. 🙂

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