final countdown

August 3, 2010 at 9:15 pm (pregnancy after miscarriage, Third Trimester, Thoughts) (, , , )

I can barely believe it… Only ONE MONTH to go until I’m due!!! Looking back at everything we’ve been through since we first conceived in September and lost the baby in October… dealing with the miscarriage through November… getting our lives sort of back on track when I got my period again…. then that wonderful Christmas Day when we found out I was pregnant again…sitting on pins and needles through the first trimester… continued anxiety through my second trimester as I couldn’t shake that nagging worry…. dealing with sleepless nights due to this watermelon where my stomach used to be…. and now – at nearly 36 weeks!

September 2nd is oh-so-close!! I can’t wait to meet you, baby!



  1. moon said,

    Hi there,
    I’ve been following you blog since your first post, as iIhave had 2 miscarriages.
    I’m soo happy for you, and wanted to tell you im pregnant too! I’m now 16 weeks, we’re so happy and feeling so good!
    I guess there is life after miscarriage after all!

  2. tasha said,

    That’s wonderful!!!!!! I’m so happy for you, congratulations. How have you been feeling? Hope the morning sickness is not too bad, but if you were like me, I kind of relished being sick because that meant that I was pregnant… That’s fantastic that you are now safely into your 2nd trimester. I hope you enjoy and cherish your pregnancy. Congrats to you!

  3. Kathy said,

    Congratulations and by now you probably have your beautiful baby in your arms. I have been reading your blogs from the beginning tonight as I had a miscarriage 3 days ago at 10.5 weeks. We saw the heartbeat that day and the doctor said everything looked great, and I miscarried 5 hours later. I had been bleeding for a week but they said that can be common. Your blog really helped me tonight and I have hope for the future. Thanks for your comments.

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